Andrew Rawlins

I am employed as a Systems Administrator at Elder Studios. Previously I was the Data Manager at the National Plant Phenomics Center along with other systems type roles at Aberystwyth University. As for the - named after a green frog in 1996 - back when I could do such things. Hobbies include being an active member of the Corris Railway where I am lucky enough to be able to drive a steam locomotive and also being an active member of the Campaign for Real Ale. My amateur radio callsign is M6OTL.



Old Computers

I grew up in a world of Acorn and compatible kit, I still keep some if it going.

Green Computing

Computers in the house use a lot of power - I've been experimenting with making them green for a while now - I use a SunRay as my desktop - and have a few dotted about the house. Some of the things are documented here.

A little bit geeky ...

A little bit of fun...


Some of this may be a little out of date now, but they were created as quick notes for me, but I guess others may find them handy: