Velleman K8055 - Solaris

This document assumes that you have a built K8055 and an install of Solaris. I am using Solaris Express Developer Edition - build 77.



Firstly you need to get the device correctly recognised by Solaris. Before configuration it gets classed as a HID(!) device. As root, with the card plugged in, run: prtconf -v > /tmp/card Remove the card and run: prtconf -v > /tmp/nocard And then diff the two: diff /tmp/card /tmp/nocard which will give us the information we are looking for: < name='compatible' type=string items=9 < value='usb10cf,5500.0' + 'usb10cf,5500' + 'usbif10cf,class3.0.0' + 'usbif10cf,class3.0' + 'usbif10cf,class3' + 'usbif,class3.0.0' + 'usbif,class3.0' + 'usbif,class3' + 'usb,device' < name='reg' type=int items=1 The part that is of interest is: value='usb10cf,5500.0' The next stage is to modify the device driver attribute with the command: update_drv -a -i '"usbif10cf,class3.0"' ugen Plug the K8055 back in. You can double check this part is all well with: prtconf -D | grep ugen You should see something like: input, instance #0 (driver name: ugen) You will also of course have the power LED lit on the board.


I've been using a bit of software called cueib that google found for me a few years ago, I can't find out anything about it now. If you wrote it do let me know. I have put a copy of the source here. I have also put a binary here.