Christmas Cheer thanks to Wychwood

So I sent the lovely folk at Wychwood an e-mail:
From: Andrew Rawlins
To: info _(at)_
Subject: Boxing Day Problem - Circle Master

Dear Wychwood Brewery,

I have made a bit of a mistake, which has led to a bit of a problem.  I
was unable to visit the good food show, due to plenty of snow in
Aberystwyth (darkest mid-Wales), my Mrs managed, and came back with
several bottles of Wychwood Ale, she was even enthused about the BlackWych
and proceded to share a bottle with me(!), all this asside I thought about
obtaining every bottle of  Wychwood ale that I possibly could, and then
decided to spend boxing day infront of the fire, with the cat and I would
(sensibly!) sample all of the different bottles whilst the Mrs did bell
ringing things in the local church....  What a plan, only fooled by the
fact that you can't obtain a bottle of Circle Master in Aberystwyth or the
surrounding area (and the only thing I can drive is a Steam train and they
dont let you drive them about much these days, let alone to a shop in

Attached is a photo for your ammusement, if you could go some way to
letting me know how I could find such a bottle, the cat and me would be
very grateful.  If someone could pass the photo onto the brewers in
Wychwood as a token of appreciation for producing excellent Ale, that
would be grand.

Many thanks,

Andrew & Pride, the cat.
And attached(well a smaller version of it).

And quick as a flash ...

Came the reply:

From: "Brewers"
To: Andrew Rawlins
Cc: Alison
Subject:   	Well hello there!

Dear Pride, oh and Andrew

Thanks for the letter.  We brewers tend to be hidden away in the
deepest, darkest parts of the brewery only to be let out on Friday
afternoons when we've finished creating a few pockets of heaven using
the dark, mysterious traditional methods (But we do enjoy a few pockets
of heaven on said Friday afternoons).  So when we receive compliments
from supporters of our magical brews which we have been lovingly cared
for over a period of days and sometimes weeks, it puts a little glow in
our hearts and fills us full of enthusiasm to continue along our path.

As for the Circle Master, the lovely Alison (Copied in) is going to hunt
one down and send it on its long journey to darkest mid-Wales.  With any
luck our friends at the post office will manage to add this to your
collection before the Boxing Day celebration.

We hope you and Andrew enjoy your day and the beers meet all you

The Brewhouse

PS - I have enclosed a picture of our motley crew for your amusement
taken on a recent trip to the Oktoberfest in Munich.
And a photo