British Rail AWS Sunflower

I purchased an AWS Sunflower from Ebay a while back, not for any other reason than the fact that I wanted to own part of a class 50 locomotive. The Sunflower came from a Class 50 scrapped at Old Oak Common in the late 80s.

Picture of an AWS Sunflower


The Sunflower has 5 contacts on the back, numbered 1 - 5. After a little playing about with a 12v Power supply, the wiring seems to be: (As viewed from the back) ___ ___ | ___ | ___ ___ | | 5 4 3 2 1 SWITCH RESET GND SET MADE WHEN SET Momentarily putting a 12v supply onto GND and SET turns the AWS display to the yellow/black aspect and completes a circuit between contacts 4 and 5. Putting a momentary 12v supply between GND and RESET sets the AWS aspect to solid black and breaks the circuit between contacts 4 and 5.

Picture of the back of an AWS Sunflower