This is a simple script that demonstrates how to connect several USB gPhoto compatable camera devices and control them regardless of where on the USB bus they can be found.


Usage should be self explanatory. Pass take_picture the camera you wish to use and the filename you wish to save to. You will need to configure the script. You will need a list of serial numbers, they can be obtained with:

gphoto2 --auto-detect gphoto2 --get-config /main/status/serialnumber Enter these into the take_picture code, for example: my %camera_serial = ("00000000000000000000000006073055", "top", "00000000000000000000000006092844", "left", "00000000000000000000000006033842", "side"); Assigns the name "top" to the camera with the serial number ending in 6073055, left to the camera ending in 6092844. You of course need to replace these with the full serial number from gPhoto and the name you wish to assign, no limit is made on the number of devices you can control in this way.


Current Version (1.1 - Tue Jan 13 2015):


Please feel free to report any ....


None, other than you will need a working instalation of gPhoto.


Andrew Rawlins - awr-takepicture at this domain
awr - Tue Jan 13 14:22:33 GMT 2015