This is a set of scripts for downloading the Cask Marque Ambassador Hall of Fame and displaying it in a terminal. Optionally you can run it with just a name and it'll provide output suitable for logging. Two GnuPlot scripts are included for displaying the resulting data file.


cmhof or cmhof Your:Name

You can of course re-direct the output of the script to a file (and run from cron) so you can keep an eye on your score, for example:

cmhof Your:Name >> /var/www/ale/cmhof.dat


Current Version (1.1 - Sun 31 May 2015): - Script to get the data - Gnuplot script for graphing rank - Gnuplot script for graphing your score


Please feel free to report any ....

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You will need LWP::Simple and HTML::TableExtract(most versions of GNU/Linux will have a version of perl with it included or available in the repository).


Andrew Rawlins - awr-cmhof at this domain
awr - Wed Jun 3 13:09:02 BST 2015